Using the ‘EU Exit: ID Document Check’ app

Information for EU citizens and their families applying to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Encryption of Document

Your document is encrypted before uploads to avoid security bridges

Document Verification

the system will verify that the document belongs to you.

Document Checking

The System checks that your identity document is genuine

How to use the app

Follow the steps below

1 Scan your document

Make sure your document can be read by the app. The symbol below shows that your document has a biometric chip and can be read by the app.

2 Take a picture

Take a picture of the photo page of your passport using your phone’s camera. The full page must be inside the frame, including the 2 lines of numbers at the bottom of the page. Make sure your phone camera is focused on the text on the page.

3 Adjust phone

The app will prompt you to adjust your phone to make sure you capture your document effectively. These prompts will appear in a text box at the top of your screen.

4 Include entire photo page

Make sure you include the entire photo page in your picture.
'Scan your document' screen – make sure you include all the information in your photo Try taking the photo of your document at arm’s length if you’re having problems.


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